Rope clutch | DIY

If you know the basics of knitting, you’ll be happy with this DIY. I found this really nice tutorial to make yourself a nice clutch bag! They use black in the example, which I think is very classy, but don’t be afraid to go crazy with a bit of color! You’ll need about 3 meters of thick rope for a ‘normal’ clutch size, but of course you can make it bigger or smaller. You’ll need two large knitting needles, an S hook and a lighter. Continue reading “Rope clutch | DIY”

Shoe chains | DIY

Hi everybody! Today I will share another do it yourself project found on The Net. Have you ever worn high heeled shoes that your feet always seemed to be slipping out of? Well, no more! Because after reading this, you know how you can make your own shoe chain that looks like it came from the store WITH your pair of foot candy. This also works if you’re tired of your shoes and would like to upcycle them a bit. And you can also make this for your leather boots, boys! Continue reading “Shoe chains | DIY”

Cutting canvas | DIY

This idea never ever crossed my mind. Like me, you probably have some canvas somewhere in the house. Big, small, or in between. Have you had them for a while and still don’t know exactly what to do with them? Here’s the answer: cut them up! Or rather: cut out tiny pieces that together form a nice shape or mosaic or whatever you like it to be. You can paint the canvas in a nice colour first, or leave it as it is. Continue reading “Cutting canvas | DIY”

Watercolour mug | DIY

I really like customized mugs. There is nothing better than drinking a nice cup of tea on a cold day or night before you go to bed with a good quote that suits your personality, pictures of your loved ones or a beautiful design you made with your own two hands. Since I already own the first two, it’s time to go for a handmade design. In this DIY tutorial, you can play with nail polish while making pretty art. What more can a girl want? Continue reading “Watercolour mug | DIY”

T-shirt rug

Tired of your interior and all those old clothes you can’t seem to throw away? Perfect! Because this DIY tutorial I found will make you hit two birds with one stone. Do you have a lot of old t-shirts laying around gathering dust? You don’t want to throw them away, but you never wear them either? Now it’s time to turn them into a rug to pimp up your little palace a bit and maybe even to add a bit of color. Continue reading “T-shirt rug”

Make your own crystals | DIY

I found this really really cool DIY tutorial on how to make your own crystals. It’s really simple and will give you some very colourful decorative items to sparkle up your bedroom, living room or creative area. Now I have to tell you – this will take some time. So patience is important here. You won’t need too many supplies, but if you don’t have it in the house, this is what you’ll need to go out and get: some Borax, food coloring, pipe cleaners and fishing line. Continue reading “Make your own crystals | DIY”