Secret code bracelets | DIY

As a jewelry lover, it is only obvious that my first DIY post is the following. I found this cool DIY about making your own ‘morse code bracelet’.These colorful bracelets actually have a secret meaning! One that you can make up yourself. 🙂

They use specific beads: Miyuki Delica seed beads, which are uniform in shape and size, they come in all kinds of colors. What I like about this DYI is that they used collored embroidery thread instead of (boring) colorless elastic or fishing line as I have used so many times.

In the example, they spell out ‘I love you’ in morse code. I like this idea a lot, but unfortunately, like many of us, I don’t understand morse code. Therefor, I would just make any combination of colors with these beautiful beads. Stack ’em until you can’t stack ’em any more for a boho/hippie look!

Look at the pictures below. Want to try it yourself? See the full DIY at!



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