Make your own hammock | DIY

I found a really cool DIY for a hammock. It’s perfect for the summer time! You can even hang it inside the house in the winter or if you don’t have any outside space to hang it. Because a hammock is always comfy – no matter what weather or place.

Now this DIY requires some drilling – be prepared. But it’s only a small part of the project. The tricky part is the knotting. In this DIY they have used a macrame technique, which basically means that you’re knotting together cords. So it takes some time and focus to figure it out and not get all the cords messed up, but once you’ve got the hang of it it’s easy.

All you need for this DIY is some rope, screws, wood, a drill, measuring tape, scissors and some easily acquired knotting skills. Look at these pictures below to get an idea and see the full DIY at eHow.





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