Maxi skirt | DIY

OMG. I loooove maxi skirts! So you can imagine how happy I was when I saw this tutorial. Now I can make them myself, whenever I want to and exactly how I want to. Try it yourself! All you need is some fabric, a sewing machine and if you want some elastic band.

What you do is take the fabric, cut it into the right shape, fold it and sew it together. Then sew the seems and you can put some elastic band in the waist. The tutorial will tell you exactly what to do to make it fitting for you and how to get the length right.

Take a look at the pictures and if you want the full tutorial take a look at Stilettos and Diapers.

Maxi skirt2

Maxi skirt5

Maxi skirt3

Maxi skirt4

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6 thoughts on “Maxi skirt | DIY

    1. Haha sounds amazing Tom! Not very tradidional, but I like it. 🙂 Let me know how that works out and send me some pictures. I saw your blog and I love it. I also have a travel blog, but it’s been gathering dust for the past year or so… I need to start writing there again, thanks for giving me some inspiration!


      1. Ah really?! You been to Thailand etc. I figured they’d be quite relaxed on guys wearing skirts/sarongs, I’m very tempted to invest in one, they look tight though – how can I avoid a dreaded VPL?!


      2. I haven’t been there, but it was what came to my mind too. It’s a tough one for guys, I’d almost say if you want to dress like a girl, wear a thong. 😉 But What you could try it two layers of fabric and keep the inner one short. I found this great tutorial on youtube that shows you how to do a maxi skirt with a lining. It’s super easy. Just make sure you pick a different fabric. 😉

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      3. Might be a bit of a TMI but I’m way ahead of you on that suggestion, thongs rule! I would be useless at making my own and I couldn’t do that without parents finding out! I’ll have to buy one if I pluck up the courage to wear one.


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