T-shirt rug

Tired of your interior and all those old clothes you can’t seem to throw away? Perfect! Because this DIY tutorial I found will make you hit two birds with one stone. Do you have a lot of old t-shirts laying around gathering dust? You don’t want to throw them away, but you never wear them either? Now it’s time to turn them into a rug to pimp up your little palace a bit and maybe even to add a bit of color.

You can use any color you like. Use a pallet or just random colors for a dramatic effect. It’s all up to you! Just gather all the t-shirts that you don’t wear anymore and cut them into strips. These strips you braid together, and every ten centimeters or so, attach them to the braided knot you are creating. You do this by passing one strip under and trough the knot and continuing to braid.

Naturally, the rug won’t stay flat at first. Try to keep it a bit moist by spraying some water on it and place something heavy on top of it to keep the flat shape. You can find more tips and the full DIY on Wonder Forest.




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