Watercolour mug | DIY

I really like customized mugs. There is nothing better than drinking a nice cup of tea on a cold day or night before you go to bed with a good quote that suits your personality, pictures of your loved ones or a beautiful design you made with your own two hands. Since I already own the first two, it’s time to go for a handmade design. In this DIY tutorial, you can play with nail polish while making pretty art. What more can a girl want?

All you need is a white mug (no print, you need a completely blank surface), a bowls that fits the entire cup and some nail polish of your favourite colour. Play with two different shades of the same color (for example a darker and a lighter green), or go crazy with yellow and pink, green and orange or red and black. Or whatever combination of colours that you like.

So what you do is put some lukewarm water in the bowl and add some nail polish. Let it spread out a bit and then add the second colour. All you need is a few drops. When it’s spread out, just dip the mug in as low as you want the decoration to be high. Give it a few seconds to really stick to the mug and then let it dry for three hours. Please note that the mugs aren’t dishwasher proof. Take a look at Cute DIY Projects for more info and a video!


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