Cutting canvas | DIY

This idea never ever crossed my mind. Like me, you probably have some canvas somewhere in the house. Big, small, or in between. Have you had them for a while and still don’t know exactly what to do with them? Here’s the answer: cut them up! Or rather: cut out tiny pieces that together form a nice shape or mosaic or whatever you like it to be. You can paint the canvas in a nice colour first, or leave it as it is.

Just take your canvas, a stencil, a craft knife, a pencil and a sharpie. And, if you’re going for some colour: paint. The first thing you do is go online or through your craft stuff to find a nice pattern. Any pattern will do, as long as you like it. You can print it, but if you don’t have a printer, just take some (copy) paper and trace it from the screen with a light pencil.

Now, trace these lines with a sharpie for thicker, clearer lines. This helps with tracing it on to the canvas itself. Put the pattern on the front of the canvas and secure it with some tape so it doesn’t move. Then find a window so you can use the day light to trace the pattern on to the canvas. And then cut it out and you’re done. It’s that simple! (By the way… If you have one of those glass drawing tables with a light in it, I’m extremely jealous right now.)

Since you are going to cut out a big piece of the canvas, it would look nicer if you paint the frame the same (or why not a different) colour as the canvas itself. This way you don’t look at the ‘ugly’ framework through your art. You can do this before or after cutting the canvas. Please note that it depends on the quality of the canvas, how difficult the cutting part actually is. The higher the quality, the more difficult it will probably be. Option: try to put some coloured paper behind it and leave some space in between for a 3D effect! Or go crazy with glitter and/or other ornaments.

I found this tutorial at Joyfully Jensen. There, they take you through every single step and you can find more pictures. Have you ever done anything else with canvas than just painting it? I’d like to know! Please share with us your pretty canvas creations in the comments below!




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