Envelope liners |DIY

I found a really cool DIY tutorial on Pinterest on envelope liners. How cool! I’ve never thought of this myself before, but I think it’s about time for that. This tutorial focuses on envelopes for wedding invitations, which are A7’s. However, you can make the liners for pretty much every kind of envelope and for pretty much any occasion.

All you need is some paper for the liner, scissors or a cutting knife, an envelope, a ruler, chipboard, glue and maybe a cutting mat for protection while cutting. So what you do is take the envelope and trace the outside onto the chipboard and cut it out. Then cut off about 2mm from the right and left side and about 1,5cm from the bottom. Then trace this onto the back of the paper for the liner and cut this out.

Now, all that’s left to do is to slide the liner you have made into the envelope and glue the top part – after you have folded the entire flap down! – to the envelope flap and there you have your lined envelope. 🙂 For the complete tutorial and more pictures and details, take a look at The Budget Savvy Bride.





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