Shoe chains | DIY

Hi everybody! Today I will share another do it yourself project found on The Net. Have you ever worn high heeled shoes that your feet always seemed to be slipping out of? Well, no more! Because after reading this, you know how you can make your own shoe chain that looks like it came from the store WITH your pair of foot candy. This also works if you’re tired of your shoes and would like to upcycle them a bit. And you can also make this for your leather boots, boys!

First, you measure the lengths of the chains by cutting out three strings of wool or cotton and putting the shoes on. Place it on and around the shoes and over your foot (see pictures) and make sure that the ends of the three different strings touch so that the chains are long enough to link them together.

Then take the strings off and cut the chains in exactly the same length as the strings, twice (one for each foot). Put a small ring on each end of the chain and at one end for every shoe, put the closing of your choice, for example a lobster claw clasp, like they have used in the pictures. Link all of the ends together except for the closing one (because this is the one you close after putting on the shoes) and they are ready to put on! The original post for the shoe chain can be found at Experiment by adding more chains per shoe and by adding some charms if you like! Share your experience and ideas below!





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