Mini dream catcher | TUTORIAL

Alright! It’s time to make… a dream catcher! Dream catchers make great, meaningful gifts, especially for children and young adults. But they can be made for pretty much anybody. I have gone through some tutorials online and I thought I’d make a basic one for you, so that you can adjust it to how you like!

For my mini dream catcher I have used:

  • cotton thread
  • an old, thin bracelet I have from probably over fifteen years ago and never wear
  • and a ribbon I got somewhere with a shirt or something. (Sometimes this is what they use to put the price tags on jeans for example. Don’t throw them away!)

What else you’ll need: scissors and glue. That’s pretty much everything you need for this basic mini dream catcher.

You can use other ornaments such as beads, feathers or charms to decorate your dream catcher, but if you want to keep it simple or you don’t have a lot of supplies in the house, here’s is what to do.

Take the ribbon and the bracelet and put some glue on the end of the ribbon. Depending on the type of glue that you’re using, let it dry a bit before you put it on the bracelet. What could help to let it dry in the right place, is to use some kind of clip to secure the ribbon before you continue. Wrap the ribbon around the bracelet. In order to not have to use too much ribbon, spread it out well. When you get to where you started, the glue will still be a bit sticky. Sticky enough to make it easy for you to attach the end of the ribbon over it. This will be a bit gluey looking, so cover it up! Tie a knot as shown in the pictures, so that you have a loop for hanging it up.


Then, you take the cotton thread. Start at the top of the bracelet, where the loop is. Tie a knot and then, as shown in the pictures, start making loops as you go around the bracelet, until you get to the center of the bracelet.

Make a loop…
Through the hoop…
And back through the loop…
Keep going…

I used two different colors for the net. To do this, tie the two different threads together with a knot, cut of the ends and continue looping. What you can do here to make your dream catcher extra personal, is to add beads of different colors and materials. When you get to the center, attach the end of the thread with a knot.

At the end, attach the thread with a simple, double knot

You could add some feathers to the dream catcher, but because I didn’t have any, I have made some tassels to spice it up a bit. These are very easy to make and a lot easier to attach to the dream catcher too. Wrap some thread around one or two fingers, depending on how long you want them to be. Wrap some thread around it and cut it in the middle. Now attach the tassel(s) to your dream catcher and you’re done!

Happy DIY’ing! Have you ever made a dream catcher before? Please share your ideas!

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