Rope clutch | DIY

If you know the basics of knitting, you’ll be happy with this DIY. I found this really nice tutorial to make yourself a nice clutch bag! They use black in the example, which I think is very classy, but don’t be afraid to go crazy with a bit of color! You’ll need about 3 meters of thick rope for a ‘normal’ clutch size, but of course you can make it bigger or smaller. You’ll need two large knitting needles, an S hook and a lighter.

Start with 32 stitches for the size in the pictures. do as many rows as you like, the example in the pictures has about 20. When you’re done, leave a long piece of rope. Cut it at the end and then burn it to make sure the rope doesn’t unravel. Fold your piece in half and use the rest of the rope to sew it together on the sides. You can just use your hands, since you’ve burned the end of the rope which made it a lot harder and thicker.

At the end, tie a strong knot and cut and burn this too. Take another piece of rope and tie the ends together with a very big knot, creating a loop. Put the S hook around it and squeeze it closed. Then take this piece and, through the inside, pull it outwards, so that the knot will get stuck inside the clutch. This piece of rope, you can use to tie around the clutch in order to close it. I found this DIY at Take a look there for the complete tutorial and more pictures!

Have you ever made a clutch bag? Share your tips with us!


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