Last minute super easy DIY halloween costumes

We’ve all been there… Halloween is tonight, but for whatever reason you have only just decided that you might actually attent a party. Now, all you need is a costume. But you didn’t buy anything! Calm down. Having been in the same situation some years ago, I have decided to come to the rescue.

Online there are multiple resources where you might find ideas for your costume for tonight. All of these you can make with stuff that you already have in your home. Use them as inspiration to make your own, or just copy the whole thing – that’s completely up to you. I share with you my three favorite sources of last minute DIY Halloween costumes, made with things that every household should already have.

The first one:’s list of 22 costumes. This one is in particular funny to those who like puns. For example: a pickpocket – guitar picks glued to the pockets of your jeans. Or: take an old white sheet, cut holes for eyes and with a pen and writing block in your hand, you can call yourself a ghostwriter. Now let’s see how many drunk people actually get your costume!


If you’re going with your better half, couples costumes are always a good idea! On I found a really cool overview of all kinds of couples costumes, from games to movies and television to books to objects to puns to just random funny things. My favorite: bank robbers! No words needed.

Bank robbers couples costume

The last resource I will share with you are the 28 easy but clever ideas I saw at These ideas really go in all kinds of directions. Just cover yourself with blown up balloons or roll up a white piece of paper into a cone and put it on your head with some elastic band for a unicorn costume. But my favorite if you really don’t want to put too much effort and time into your costume: take a plain white t-shirt and write a text on it like the ‘Error 404 – Costume not found’ message in the picture below. Especially a hit among nerds!


Have you ever made your own halloween costume? Please share your ideas with us in the comments below!

Happy halloween!


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