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As many others out there, I loooove Pinterest. All the DIY tutorials make my hands itchy and make me want to create my entire interior with my own two hands. And wardrobe. And foods. And… And… And… But after repinning all these cool ideas to my own boards, I don’t do that much with them as more and more ideas are coming up like 24/7… So capturing only the coolest and easiest ideas on this blog is like a bucket list for myself and I hope that I can inspire others to create more of their own stuff in life. Over time, I plan to make some tutorials myself so please keep coming back!


I am a Dutchie living in Spain, trying to find my way in life. One thing that has always been really important to me is to keep creating. My creative side is something I have lost in the past year or maybe even couple of years. This blog is my way to find this side of me back. I hope you’ll get creative with me!

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