Shoe chains | DIY

Hi everybody! Today I will share another do it yourself project found on The Net. Have you ever worn high heeled shoes that your feet always seemed to be slipping out of? Well, no more! Because after reading this, you know how you can make your own shoe chain that looks like it came from the store WITH your pair of foot candy. This also works if you’re tired of your shoes and would like to upcycle them a bit. And you can also make this for your leather boots, boys! Continue reading “Shoe chains | DIY”


Maxi skirt | DIY

OMG. I loooove maxi skirts! So you can imagine how happy I was when I saw this tutorial. Now I can make them myself, whenever I want to and exactly how I want to. Try it yourself! All you need is some fabric, a sewing machine and if you want some elastic band. Continue reading “Maxi skirt | DIY”

Turn a scarf into a kimono | DIY

There is this really cool DIY tutorial I found about making a kimono from a large scarf. It’s amazing, incredibly easy and doesn’t have to cost much. All you need is a big scarf, maybe you have one you don’t like as a scarf too much anymore or maybe you can buy a cheap one. Even the sewing is really basic. Anyone can do it, and that’s exactly what I like about this tutorial. Continue reading “Turn a scarf into a kimono | DIY”

Turn your dress into a high-low skirt | DIY

This DIY tutorial is about making a skirt. I love skirt DIY’s because often, they’re very simple compared to shorts or shirts for example. It’s basically just one piece of fabric, sewn together, with an elastic band. But sometimes there is a little bit more to it. This tutorial is a bit more complicated, but very easy if you know how a sewing machine works. Continue reading “Turn your dress into a high-low skirt | DIY”